Dr. Caroline Saint-Pierre


Dr. Caroline Saint-Pierre
Dr. Caroline Saint-Pierre DVM

Globe-trotter and painter at the same time, Caroline loves wide open spaces and varied experiences. When she is not traveling the world, she explores it with a brush in hand. In 2012, she began a bachelor's degree in Management to better work with the public. True to form, it was in the middle of her studies that she decided to combine her love of customer service with the personalized impact of a career in medicine.  
It was with unwavering determination, in the midst of a pandemic, that she saw her wise initiative bear fruit. Five years after beginning her graduate studies, Dr. Saint-Pierre joined the team. Both a bundle of energy and a hard worker, she quickly defined herself as a veterinarian driven by her sense of duty. For her, the quality of the service offered must be in constant evolution and she takes it upon herself to transmit this same vision to her colleagues whom she holds in high esteem. Medicine is a profession that is characterized first and foremost by the people who work in the field, she is the first to say that it would not be the same without her team. 

She is currently working in our Verdun and Ville-Émard locations.