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Veterinary Examination

An annual check-up is the only way to make sure your pet stays healthy and to quickly detect any signs and symptoms of disease and other issues. Of course, if you have any specific concerns or an emergency arises, don't wait until your yearly appointment to let us know! We're open every day and we'll do our best to see you as soon as possible.

Do you offer home visits?

Depending on the situation, a home visit is easier for you and your pet. We can accommodate you upon request and depending on our vets' availability. Please contact us for more information.

What does the vet look for during their exam?

During a routine veterinary checkup, the vet and their team examine all parts of your pet's body: weight, height, body temperature, eyes, ears, coat, skin, teeth, gums, bones, joints, abdomen, glands, heart and lungs.

They'll also ask you about your pet's behaviour, habits, diet, recent vaccinations and parasite treatments, etc.

Taking all this information into account, they might ask you to have lab tests (blood, urine and stool analysis) done. This will give them a full picture of your pet's health.

I'm reluctant to take my cat to the vet because she never goes outside and doesn't look sick to me. What should I do?

You're far from the first cat owner to ask us this! It's important to know that cats are very good at hiding their pain and physical ailments and won't let you know something is wrong until they're very sick. An annual check-up will help detect or prevent any health problems in your cat.

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